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Armpit Sweat Pads

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Armpit Sweat Pads

It is not your fault that you have sweaty underarms, but you can do something about it by using these Armpit Sweat Pads! No more awkward moments at work, school, and anywhere else. You can now hold your hands up high without hesitation as these pads will catch all the sweat in your underarms.

These Armpit Sweat Pads assure you no more embarrassing underarm or elsewhere wetness to be seen even if you sweat heavily in summer. Say goodbye to wet patches and smelly odors!

5-layer absorption technology allows the pads to absorb 10 times more sweat and 20 times faster. The pads efficiently stop wet through shirts or clothes and give you the greatest confidence during important meetings or dating.

Invisible sweat pads can be trimmed by scissors to fit your size. Stick them on the area that you sweat the most to prevent sweat from becoming a hard-to-remove stain on shirts or clothes to lengthen their life.
Stay Confident and Hygienic

Most of the time, it is because of your genes that your armpits are over sweating. And it is really an embarrassing situation that you can’t even move freely because people will see your wet underarms. Using cosmetic surgery to fix it will cost so much money.
These armpit liners will give you a temporary solution to prevent sweat from leaking outside your shirt. These pads will keep your confidence and will allow you to move freely and more comfortably. You don’t have to worry anymore about everyone seeing your shirt soaked in sweat. Also, these pads help you to be more hygienic because sweat becomes smelly when left to be dried on your shirt.
Disposable and Very Easy to Use

Remove the adhesive sheet from the liners.
nsert and stick the liners inside your clothes.
Stuck on the inner side of the sleeve the broad side of the liners.
The narrow side of the liner should be stuck onto the outer of the sleeve.
 the pads after use and dispose of them properly.

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