Magic Deformation Magnetic Pen

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It can be a pen or it can be transformed into many things. For example, the following

Creative: The magnetic pen has powerful suction, and you can shape it into your favorite shape based on its magnetic.

 Puzzle Toy: Through the principle of magnetic, modeling can be varied. It can be rotated and transformed into a variety of creative, anti-irritable functions.

As a Gift: This creative pen/magnetic toy, not only can be used to write but also can be used to touch, the best gift for friends, kids, children, and lovers.

Such a unique pen that can reduce pressure and write is really perfect.

Innovatively constructed from high power neodymium (rare earth) magnets,  it is a unique writing instrument held together Entirely with magnets, making it perfect for people who like tinkering with things or are fascinated with the power of magnets.

Magic Deformation Magnetic Pen also comes with a Stylus head, allowing you to use it with any capacitive touch screen, offering a seamless experience like never before. Available in 3 variants, it is suitable for kids and adults alike and provides hours of fun while enhancing creativity and cognitive skills, making it great for brainstorming, reducing anxiety, and relieving stress.


Warning! Magnets can be very dangerous especially if swallowed! Keep these away from small children because we care about you and your family's safety.


  • 1. Novelty pen 
  • 2. Magnetic pen
  • 3. Use N40 material
  • 4. Strong magnetic force, permanently available on the market are mostly N355.
  • 5. Size: 19*2*6.5cm, weight: 0.205k


    • Product accessories:
    • pen box (1pc),
    • pen holder (1pc),
    • pen cap (1pc),
    • touch capacitor head (stylus 2pcs),
    • magnetic ring (13pcs),
    • pen refill (1pcs),
    • steel ball (12pcs)

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